Different levels of flexibility

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Urdhva dhanurasana, July 2021Urdhva dhanurasana, July 2021

Urdhva dhanurasana, July 2021

Being versatile can imply with the ability to do asana that require a stretched and versatile physique.

One other stage of flexibility is to modify simply from again bending to ahead bending asanas and the opposite approach spherical.

My again bending asanas really feel good nowadays. But often I practice simpler again bending asanas first after which I transfer to more difficult ones. I begin with salabhasana as really useful within the second Ashtanga yoga collection. I train as much as eight again bending asanas until I give my greatest at urdhva dhanurasana. The repetition of so many again bending asanas permits me to go deeper and deeper. On the finish my physique is tender and stretched. To bend backward feels good.

At this time I practiced main, as a result of I would like core energy. The actions between asanas are misplaced. It’s primarily leaping ahead and leaping backwards. In spite of everything these vinyasa and ahead bending asanas it was so tough to practice urdhva dhanurasana. It felt so weakly and awkwarrdly that I contemplate so as to add preparation asanas subsequent time.

The image is taken yesterday with out an intensive heat up. I feel it’s seen. Extra is feasible.

I’m certain that one can prepare the physique to get quick from ahead bending asanas to again bending asanas. It’s attainable to modify quick from twists to balancing asanas. My physique wants a bit extra time to regulate.

Today I’m glad once I can get deeper into asanas. It’s OK to maneuver from straightforward to difficult asanas. It’s high-quality to repeat asanas. There are ‘good’ days and ‘stiff’ days. The power stage modifications each day. I study to take heed to my physique.

Certainly the extra superior a yogini is the much less risky is the practice. Nonetheless each day is totally different for everyone. This makes the yoga practice additionally fascinating. Take care.

For me the playful practices are as valuable because the bold practices.

Two extra days and one other yoga week is over.