Morning practices are the best

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Bakasana, July 2021Bakasana, July 2021

Bakasana, July 2021

The spotlight this morning: Again bending felt good.

The thoughts is recent and attentive within the morning. The physique is powerful and relaxed.

This morning the temperature was reasonably low. With each solar salutation I felt hotter and hotter. After 90 minutes I ended my practice, glad that I practice.

On the finish of the day most of us really feel exhausted. Me, too. The vital rituals in my life have priorities subsequently. They deserve being executed with vitality.

It’s value to search out out if one is a morning individual or a late riser. It may possibly change when getting older.

Life needn’t worsen when getting older. Following the life fashion off a yogi 🧘‍♂️ helps to remain match and impartial maybe until the top.

Image: Bakasana is a counter asana to again bending. Again bending and ahead bending asanas and twists belong collectively.