Make Your Own Yoga Mat Spray (Tutorial)

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– Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene, this is Benji and we’re in my kitchen today because we’re making a very special something. So a lot of you have asked me what’s my favorite way to clean my yoga mat and so today I’m sharing my favorite DIY yoga mat spray. This is super simple, something you can make at home and you can use it on your yoga mat to clean, also really great as a room freshener.

So be fun to just kinda use your hands and make something that make you feel good, right? So my friends over at Whole Foods Market invited me to come do some shopping, so I went there earlier today and got some ingredients to make the spray. So thank you to Whole Foods and if you’re interested in seeing my video blog there, go to the Whole Foods Market channel which I love, they have awesome things, everything from how to cut a mango to um, stories about different vendors, there’s lots of cool and fun exciting things there so check it out either way.

But for now we’re gonna step into the kitchen and make our spray. Okey-doke, so let’s get started, we’re going to start by introducing our ingredients so you’re gonna need some distilled water. We’re going to need our essential oils which are essential to our (laughs) DIY mat spray, today I went with a little tea tree oil, some lemongrass, eucalyptus, and I went with a little lavender.

So these are the four that we’re gonna play with today, and I’ll talk about how you can mix and match different things too. Definitely gonna need some witch hazel, get an alcohol-free witch hazel. I actually am a rebel today and chose one with a little lavender, I’ve never tried that before so I’m gonna try that but, you can just get regular old alcohol=free witch hazel.

It’s also really good on your face as an astringent or a toner so that’s a bonus. Then you’re gonna need some kind of spray bottle. Because we’re having fun and being a little fancy today I went with a little blue one and then I have a little brown one, but you can use any old spray bottle, glass is better but if you have a plastic one at home that works too.

Just baby steps, right, have a little fun, using your hands, making your own spray. And then last but not least, got a little treat for you know who. We’ll see if he earns it here in a little bit. Alright so let’s make this thing. We’re actually gonna make two different versions so, I’m just adjusting my two very favorite, yummy go-to combinations but with aromatherapy and if you’re just getting into essential oils, which I encourage, cause it’s yummy, you can mix and match and play with the ones that you like I mean that’s part of the fun of making it with your hands, and it’s quite simple.

I was kind of exploring the things that you like and things that make you feel good and I honestly think that when you do that it motivates you to come back to your yoga mat, come back to the room that you practice yoga in and that’s good for us as well. So we’re gonna start with this brown bottle here, filling it up three fourths of the way with my distilled water.

I’m just doing this distilled water cause it’s clean. Next I’m gonna fill about one fourth of the witch hazel. So I just have the water and the witch hazel in that one and smell this one. Oh it smells so good, this is an experiment buying this lavender one. And I think it was a good one.

And then onto the tea tree so for this first one we’re going tea tree. And this is so good. We’re just gonna go five drops here so, right one, two, three, four, five six, seven, classic Adriene right there (laughs). You can overdo it so you need to kind of be careful but I also think that throwing that out and starting over would be like a total waste, right, this is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to fun it feels good (sniffs), it’s already starting to feel amazing in here, Oh yes.

Now I’m gonna go to the lemongrass for this combo. Mm. And it says inspiring on there so that’s good, we have our cleansing oil, the tea tree and now our inspiring oil. The lemongrass is so (sniffs) so good, super uplifting. And for this one, I’m also gonna go five, this one’s coming out a little easier.

Then I take it, put it on, and then I shake it. It smells so good in here already, right (exhales) The tea tree, the lemongrass smells awesome. Shake it up and then the last thing you do is you say a little prayer, no just kidding, but, definitely making it with love right, the final ingredient is some lurve.

And then let’s check it out and let’s step back. Oh yeah, that’s awesome. That’s great, so our first one’s done so that’s great, so that’s my first go-to combo is the tea tree and lemongrass. Really uplifting, kind of invigurating. Invigurating? No (laughs), invigorating.

This is a great one, this is gonna be great, awesome. Okay, second go-to formula, just a little different. But same steps, we’ll do this in the little blue bottle, this is great and so this is what they had in the market, this is what I went with but again you can use any spray bottle you like. Alright so rolling through it again really fast for ya, three fourths water, I used the distilled water.

Then onto the witch hazel. This one has a nice squeeze bottle for me. Great and this lavender witch hazel that I really like good experiment, is gonna go well with this one because we are going to put the lavender in but starting with the eucalyptus here just our cleansing property so what I’m doing is I’m basically picking one cleansing property oil, tea tree or eucalyptus, and then one kind of aromatherapy that makes me feel good so we have the lemongrass over there.

For this one, one, two, three, four, five. That’s good. And I’ll make sure the recipe for this is down below but again don’t be too hard on yourself if you get seven drops instead of five. You can make it work. Then finally the lavender. That never gets old, right, that scent. To me anyway.

And, one, two, three, four, five, six. One to grow on here. Final step. If you’re already starting to feel a little stressed today maybe just making the spray will start to change your day. But if not, if that hasn’t started to work already then I think the shaking it will, right? Let’s get some of that pent up aggression out.

And the kitchen smells amazing, okay, so let’s take one step back and try this one out here. Just make sure it smells balanced. And awesome. And it does (laughs). It’s so simple but it’s so awesome. So here we have our two sprays. This one a little more invigorating. This one a little more calming.

Both have cleansing properties, these are my favorite go-to combos, I hope you like them, let’s go give ’em a try in the yoga room. Okay-doke so here we are in the yoga room, welcome. We’re gonna clean the mat and I’m gonna go ahead and use this invigorating version to start, and I’m gonna just use a little towel so, you can use any sort of dish towel or wash cloth, I usually use mine a couple times before I wash it, you can also dampen it with a little bit of water if you know that your mat is getting a little funky and it needs some extra warshin’.

You can use paper towel, I don’t recommend it, I think you should find an old rag just something that you don’t mind getting your oils on and keep it as your designated yoga mat cleaner. So here we go. Take it, give it a little shake again, and I’m just gonna spray the mat here. And I do one section at a time.

So moving with this mat kind of in the grains of the mat. Alright and that’s essentially it so, that’s essentially it. Be sure to launder your rag regularly so you don’t wanna get stuck with a stinky rag. Really you know, these things can just be like little bottles of love you know you made them, you made them with love and you can keep them as a room spray so this eucalyptus lavender duo is great, lives in my bedroom.

Just kidding, and it’s so nice just as aromatherapy for the room. Also really great before practice to just kind of cleanse the mind, get you ready for your yoga. They make great gifts, super simple. So that’s all for today, let me know how it goes when you make your spray in the comments down below.

Be sure to stick around this week for more free yoga, thank you so much Whole Foods for letting me come to the market and get all my ingredients, and if you’re interested in checking out my visit to Whole Foods, I had a lot of fun this morning, I invite you to go check out the Whole Foods Market Youtube channel in addition to my trip to Whole Foods and the blog of buying my ingredients, there’s a ton of videos there that you might find helpful if you’re interested in cooking or you wanna expand your knowledge in the kitchen.

There’s a lot of fun stuff over there that I really like that I think you might too. Alright, I think that’s it for today, I gotta give Benji his bone as promised, and I’ll see you on the mat. Take good care. Namaste.