Top Yogi’s 5 Best Yoga Mats Video Review

yoga mats review

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Hi Friends,
welcome back to my channel my channel.
Today I am going to do a requested video on the
mats that I have the mats that I use the
most and why I like or dislike each mat
so if you’re interested in purchasing a
mat or interested in knowing which mats
I use the most and just keep watching
all right so these are the mats that I
have I have one other one but it’s
honestly so trash it’s probably gonna go
in the trash can I have five main mats
as you see I tried to get a variety of
colors to some degree the first matte
and in no particular order am I going
about these the first matte and actually
this is like the first map that I
actually bought is by Lululemon it is
very heavy and I’m trying to remember
how thick this mat actually is but it’s
definitely one of the more cushion mats
I’m pretty sure it’s the 5 millimeter
pretty sure it is it’s definitely longer
than your average mat it’s really long I
got this mat a couple years ago I really
really really love it as you see it’s
I used it all throughout teacher
training and the reason I actually got
this mat and was not because it was
Lululemon it was because one you will
not slip on the snap it’s very very very
grippy that’s for sure
it’s very grippy on the perforated side
of the texture side on the smoother side
they say that it will hold you like once
you get sweaty it grips you more and I
beg to differ
I wasn’t slipping and sliding that’s for
sure which is good because I think this
cost almost hundred dollars no close to
it but one side is definitely a little
more girly than the other I will say
what I really got this mat for getting
back to what I was actually talking
about what I mainly got this mat for was
the length it’s definitely like the
longest one because it gives me more
space this would be great for someone
that’s taller I am 5 or
they apply four or five favorite for
naps and like that and it’s definitely
much longer than I need because I really
like to have space during class I got
this mat I don’t like to feel like I
have to be like pressed up against
someone even if the class is packed so I
just got a longer mat that way I can
avoid those issues it is very heavy so
it’s definitely not any kind of a
trouble mat or anything like that but
one of the negatives about it I guess
I’ll say is that it’s a rubber mat so it
smells like rubber
every time I practice on this mat I
smell like a tire like a straight tire
like you have to go take a shower
afterwards that’s the main thing that I
don’t like about this mat but anything
else I mean I’m really I’m really for it
it’s definitely high quality you can
definitely wash it pretty easily and
yeah that’s my the next mat that I have
is also Lululemon but this was gifted to
me by my friend that should know my old
co-worker think you should know if
you’re watching it is a traveling Matt
it is something that I really really
really wanted and need it because I
hated traveling or going on a trip with
my fiance and not being able to really
do yoga or feel like I was in my space
so you can see Lululemon here this is a
very but to be honest I feel like this
mat is even more grippy than my other
little lemon mat on this side it’s super
grippy on the other side it has that
smooth feel this was $60 something up
somewhere around there it’s full length
as you can see well if this is like the
regular length of a mat and it’s
definitely thinner than regular mat so
you can fold it up and
it’s not like a big deal I definitely
was able to put it in my luggage and so
that was super helpful it’s extremely
light extremely light it’s really like
almost paper itself but it’s still
quality which is what I really like
about it so yes my Lululemon travel mat
Kylie would recommend I think I hadn’t
even done like a 1 through 10 what I
would do so for the first Lululemon mat
I would give it out of a 10 I would say
7 8 out of 10 mainly because that smell
is so strong so yeah I’d say like a 7 or
8 out of 10 for this person luma matte
and for the Lululemon Travel not I would
give it
I mean I’ve used it even at home just
casually before what it’s used for you
know aside from the fact that it’s
really thin but it’s supposed to be then
I would give this a 10 alright next I
have my sugar mat yoga mat I got this
for myself
it is a suede mat so the texture is very
very soft it feels like a tower
essentially and then on the other side
it has rubber as you see it’s very like
much more like pliable it’s not really
stiff so it’s easy to roll up and you
actually could kind of hold that if you
wanted to treat this like a child in
that you kind of could because it’s
definitely you can scratch it up it is a
regular full-length yoga mat as you can
see and even though it does have rubber
on one side I mean you don’t want to put
this nice suede part on the floor
it does get dirty pretty quickly I have
not even figured out how to really fully
wash this I’ve like spot treated it but
I have not fully figured out how to wash
it what I do love about sugar mat
obviously you will not smell like rubber
so that’s great because rubbers on the
other side and they monogrammed it for
you for free so when you purchase one
oh my gosh this man is quite dusty when
you purchase one you can get it
monogrammed which I did arjan Elizabeth
I think it’s a nice touch that they
don’t charge you extra for which is
really great and yeah as far as the
grittiness when you’re practicing it
actually is shockingly it would not seem
like that and when they say you have to
sweat on it first before you actually
start feeling the grittiness it’s really
true it’s like you have to wet it before
it’s grippy otherwise they feel like
you’re literally gonna just slip right
off of it
but once you start sweating it’s
actually very awesome and I did put it
to great use this mat was $88 $80 from
sugar man so sugar if you go on
instagram you can find them as well and
they they just sell a lot of very pretty
pretty pretty items pretty yoga mats I
mean beautiful designs this is just one
design thing this is like the palm leaf
design but they have literally if you
just just go on sugar mat trust me it’s
so beautiful so yeah and as you can see
I was able to fold it up and I wasn’t
even thinking about it
so definitely highly recommend sugar map
the only con is that you can’t really
clean it super easily as far as a rating
I would give it I’d probably give it a
good nine out of ten eight nine ten
alright moving on to my absolute most
favorite in that and I never thought I
would say this because I’m so big on
like aesthetic and I love being able to
see pretty designs and stuff like that
so I used to say oh my sugar master
favourite mat until this company scoria
gifted me with this mat it is a court
yoga mat I really was so skeptical but I
was wondering like how is cork going to
feel how’s it gonna smell first of all
there is no smell this mat I’m just
gonna say off the bat Tonetta 10 10 out
of 10 there is no smell I use it all the
is antimicrobial so it stays clean on
its own even though you still look of
course clean your mats but you don’t
have to as often with this one and it’s
just it’s pretty it is pretty
I mean it’s course it’s a little more
plain than like sugar map but aesthetic
wise I just I love how natural it it
feels and it is and it’s soft and it’s
so grippy it is I feel so sturdy on this
mat it’s ridiculous especially once I
sweat before and after I sweat I feel
really great on this mat as you guys can
tell this is the mat that I use in all
of my videos and if you go on my
Instagram I don’t even remember the last
time I used one of the other mats like
literally I’ve been using this mat for
the past maybe like six months straight
I think so yeah it’s really one of my
most favorite minutes it is fairly
cushiony I would say three millimeters
3r I’d have to get back to you on that
but it’s full-length regular full-length
and it has rubber on the back so you
actually can flip it over if you want to
use this side you can because this side
is you can still wipe it off and it’ll
stay clean so yeah this is definitely
this is my favorite Matt I mean this is
nothing I would definitely buy more of
these I just don’t because I have so
many masters no need for me to buy any
more math at this point in my life
so 10/10 for the scoria yoga mat of
course I will have links to all of these
mats in the description and last but not
least I have my men do come act this was
a treat yo’self mat essentially I got it
literally for Valentine’s Day it was
like a self love a present as you could
be pink for the
today it is a really great map you will
get that kind of rubbery smell but it’s
extremely grippy
I love the color it’s been vibrant as
you can see it is well loved as well you
can flip it on either side very equally
so there’s no issue with that so you can
do you know gray or pink and this mat
cost somewhere between between 75 and 90
somewhere around there and it is also
just a regular full length or size mat
sometimes I don’t know it might just be
in my head but I feel like it’s a teensy
bit smaller than the average yoga mat
and yeah it is definitely fairly thick
great quality love it it’s lasted a long
I highly recommend it it’s not quite a
travel map because it is really heavy I
will say it’s it’s very very heavy yeah
it’s all I got to say about this one
alright so those are all of my favorite
mats and hopefully you enjoyed this
video hopefully I was able to answer
some of your questions as far as my
recommendations if you have any
questions of course feel free to leave
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