12 Health Benefits Of Yoga, Your Yoga Questions Answered Today!

health benefits of yoga

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The Health Benefits Of Yoga are much vaunted, so why have decided to write a blog on the subject from our own experiences. Comments welcome but are moderated. Enjoy!

1. Can Yoga Improve My flexibility?

Yes, regular Yoga exercises stretches and tones the muscles and makes them stronger. This also helps improve the body posture when you walk, sit and sleep. You will also find bending and stretching easier than before you started. This all works by improving your normal range of movement. If you are prone to injuries, Yoga can help prevent and repair, but you should seek the advice of your Doctor before starting your Yoga class. This is something we always recommend to Yoga beginners.

2. Can Yoga Reduces Stress?

Most certainly. The breathing & relaxation techniques taught in Yoga are great for stress. Yoga can be a natural anti-depressant and a massive boost for your mental health. Stress creates all sorts of problems like High Blood Pressure, Insomnia and Heart Disease. By learning how to calm your anxiety & relax your breathing, you will be reducing your stress. That can only be good for your health.

3. Can Yoga Prevent Diabetes?

Well, Yoga lowers Bad cholesterol and blood sugar and raised Good Cholesterol. It aids Insulin performance and decreases your risk of Diabetic complications such as Heart Disease, Kidney failure, Blindness and Lower Limb amputation.

Yoga also encourages weight loss to add to your improvement. So we believe the answer is it can help to prevent Diabetes, along with other Lifestyle changes such as Diet, quitting smoking, less drinking, additional exercise to Yoga, etc.

4. Does Yoga Improve your balance?

health benefits of yoga

This is an additional benefit of Yoga. It could mean elderly Yoga practitioners could have less falls and improved lifestyle by being more able to look after themselves in old age. Other people will generally feel less wobbly once they have practised Yoga enough, all helping to aid their general Health. So in a word, Yes, Yoga really does improve your balance. Some of the traditional poses are on one leg with the other leg at an angle to the knee. This will through practice make you much more stable.

5. Does Yoga Improve your sleep?

Yes, I believe it does. When your under duress, your heart races or pounds, or both. If you’re lying awake at night worrying about a problem, your probably not going to sleep. Your heading for Sleep Deprivation or Insomnia. Anxiety and Depression are said to feed of Sleeplessness. By practising Yoga and relaxation techniques, you will learn to relax more, slow down your breathing and therefore your heart rate. All of which is good for the key stages of sleep.

Instead of lying there awake in the middle of the night, you will learn how to carry out Deep Breathing Exercises and other techniques that will help you not only get to sleep, but get back to sleep should you wake for whatever reason. So you will wake feeling refreshed and alert rather than groggy and tired all the time. Plus, the physical side of Yoga will mean that after a practice you will naturally feel more tired, meaning easier and more sleep. Of course, different types of Yoga need more exertion than others, so you may wish to view our blog “What Types Of Yoga Are There?” for more information on the right Yoga Class for you.

Also, you will have less chance of accidents or mishaps at work and when driving because you are more alert. I have had many of these problems and Yoga has really helped me get over them.

6. Does Yoga Ease Pain?

According to tests, Yoga can reduce pain from the likes of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, back pain and other chronic conditions. There are many reasons for this. The extra blood supply to the affected areas, the improved well-being of the student, the improved flexibility and strength gained by the student and many many more reasons that Yoga really can ease pain.

7. Can Yoga Improve my bone health?

Weight bearing exercises improve bone density and help to ward off Osteoporosis. Yoga uses techniques where you life your own body weight, thereby increasing your bone mass. You can also benefit from lower levels of the stress hormone Cortisol which reduces Calcium in the bones.

8. Can Yoga Boost Sexual Performance?

health benefits of yoga

Absolutely, Yoga creates extra blood flow to the genital area resulting in increased arousal in women and increased arousal & erections in Men. It’s also to do with Pelvic floor muscles which is strengthened by Yoga Exercises.

Scientists found that just 12 weeks of regular Yoga Exercise increased arousal and performance in both Men & Women by an incredible 30%

9. Can Yoga Improve your Immune System?

By coming in and out of Yoga positions, you increase the drainage Lymph (A viscous fluid rich in Immune Cells) This helps the Lymphatic system fight Bacteria, Cancerous Cells and dispose of toxic waste.

10. Can Yoga Improve My posture?

Yes, many people find that over time, they start to slouch, with their head dipping lower and lower, and their back arcing, as they age. Yoga can actually reverse this condition by repeated stretching and lengthening of the spine, a bit like straightening out if you like. Thus reversing that rounded hunched look. You will feel better and look better too.

11. Can Yoga Improve your Muscles?

By practising Yoga, you will be using your Body’s own weight rather than using weights on a dumbbell. Some of the poses require your body to lift it’s own weight off the floor. This is great for

Muscle building and as an added benefit, doesn’t come with the same sort of problems other weight loading training might do.

12. Can Yoga provide me with Inner peace and well-being?

Most people who practice Yoga will know that there’s a sense of Inner Peace and Well-being connected to it. You are relaxing the mind, pushing out negative thoughts, sometimes even pain itself is pushed out. This creates a positive experience that enhances ones thoughts and allows for Inner Peace bringing better Moods & Sleep!

So Yes, I absolutely believe it can and will. But, you have to open your mind a little to the possibilities of Inner Peace. If you resist your Teachers urgings, you might not find what you are looking for, so I would just say, give it a chance!

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12 Health Benefits Of Yoga, Your Yoga Questions Answered Today!

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