8 Best Yoga Accessories that you actually will need!

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8 Best Yoga Accessories

You have just started on your Yoga Journey. You have hopefully, already picked out a Yoga Mat from our previous post 15 Best Yoga Mats For Beginners but now you’re wondering “What Yoga Accessories Do I need?”

So we have put together our 8 Best Yoga Accessories for your easy perusal. It will save you an enormous amount of time and effort and everything is from Amazon, so you know your purchase is secure, refundable and professionally dealt with from start to finish. That’s why we always use Amazon for our products.

Here’s the post-

1. Yoga Mad Kit Bag Stripey

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Now if you have already bought a Yoga Mat, you may have bought one with a carrying strap, and that’s fine, but if you want a more discreet way of getting to your Yoga Class without everyone knowing what your up to, you might want a bag to carry all your Yoga equipment in. We have already reviewed our Favourite Yoga Bag in our review of 15 Best Yoga Mats For Beginners, but as we feel no need to desert it, we have also placed it here. It’s fairly cheap at about £20, but we loved it and all the reviews seem to love it over at Amazon. Check them out when you look at the product. Definitely one of our Best Yoga Accessories!

This Bag can carry

1 Yoga Mat

4 Yoga Full Blocks

2 Yoga Bricks

1 Yoga Towel

1 Yoga Strap

The Extra long handles can turn the Carry Bag into a shoulder Bag. It’s got a side pocket and an extra long zip for easy loading and unloading and it’s 100% cotton. Dimensions are 62 x 22 x 22cm

It’s our no1 Yoga Mat Bag- Check out the current price here on Amazon


2. Yoga Mad Full Yoga Block

best yoga accessories

You will probably need 4 of these, so we suggest you buy these with your Yoga Mad Bag Stripey. You will need Blocks to either sit on one of them or use up to 4 to form a base to perform some of your exercises. Basically used for cushioning or reducing height of one’s left.. They are an integral part of your Yoga regime so definitely worth purchasing now rather than later. These Blocks are reasonably priced and we find them excellent value, especially for the beginner and great reviews from Amazon customers.

Dimensions 30 x 20 cm x 50mm

Colours Grey, Green, Blue, Purple & Lime Green

Check out the price and Options here at Amazon


3. Yoga Mad Brick

best yoga accessories

You will need at least 2 of these if you are a beginner.. These are smaller than Blocks and provide you with lift and grounding. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make much sense now, it will when you actually get started.

We suggest sticking with the Yoga Mad Brand for your bricks as they are fairly priced at around £7

Made from High Density Foam, so very solid with no bending or squashing.

Dimensions 22 x 11 x 7 cm

Check out reviews and buy from Amazon Here


4. Yoga Mad Belt For Attaining Correct Posture

best yoga accessories belt

Finally, in our Yoga Mad Brand, we are adding the Yoga Mad Belt. This is for attaining correct posture which is an important part of your Yoga regime we believe.

200cm x 38mm so fits most sizes and again, made from 100% cotton. Has a nice Cinch non slip buckle for ease of fastening and undoing.

Simply can’t fault this Belt and at around £8 a definite must have for any Yogi to be!

Check out the price and availability here


5. Quick Dry Sports Towel

You will obviously need a Towel and we use these Quick Dry Sports towels by Fit-Flip all the time. They are simply brilliant at mopping up water, sweat, moisture, anything vaguely wet basically. Folds up into a neat size just right for carrying in your bag.

There are over 15,000 customer reviews on Amazon, nearly all stating what a great towel this is. We agree and that is why it’s in our list of Best Yoga Accessories!

At around £10 it’s a fair price to pay for such a great towel.

Check out current price on Amazon here


6 Yoga Blanket

8 best yoga accessories

After your Yoga Session, you may well want to try some Meditation. This Thick Mexican Thunder Yoga Blanket is a great way of achieving this. You can sit on it, or wrap it round yourself. It’s warm and comforting and looks great.

We Highly recommend you try it out, plus the Amazon customer reviews are great!

It’s actually hand-woven so that’s why it’s a little more expensive than your usual blanket at around £35 but we still think it’s great value.

Made of Cotton-Acrylic and 80 x 60 inches

Check out the Amazon Price here


7. Coresteady Resistance Bands

best yoga accessories


We highly recommend you buy some Resistance Bands as you will be needing them. These from Coresteady are absolutely brilliant. They are ideal for resistance exercise, stretching & flexibility exercises. If you don’t know how to use them, ask your instructor or check out the you tube videos if you’re doing Yoga at home.

We like the purple one at around £15 but there are others.

Check out the current price and availability on Amazon Here


8. Yoga Bolster Cushion from Calmingbreath

best yoga accessories

Last of our Yoga Accessories is the Bolster Cushion from Basaho. A Bolster cushion is great for Restorative, Pre Natal, and yin Yoga Classes. It’s basically a big Pillow that you use to sit on, or at least we do!

This one is around £40 so very fairly priced and great value. There are over 500 Amazon reviews all of which seem very complimentary and we think it’s great so all good!

Dimensions 68 x 20 cm perfect for all types of practice

Made from Cotton

Filled with Buckwheat for added support.

Outer can be removed for washing

Check out the price and reviews here at Amazon

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