Top 5 Travel Yoga Mats

top 5 travel mats

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This top 5 Travel Yoga Mats review is basically reviewing the ability to take your Yoga Mat with you when your out and about. Some Yoga Mats come with a strap that you wrap around to carry. Some come with a bag that you put the Mat in. But some are so long or thick that it’s very difficult to actually carry about and sometimes, they won’t fit in the car they are so massive.

These Travel Mats are all easily portable, so are ideal for the Yogi about town that we know you are!

All of our Top 5 Travel Yoga Mats are available on Amazon as we believe that your hard-earned cash should be protected against Fraud and be able to be refunded if you don’t like your purchase. You will know from visiting the Internet, that there are a lot of E-commerce stores about, that promise cheap Yoga Mats. But when you buy, you either won’t receive the Mat or you won’t be able to change the mat should you wish to.

With Amazon, you know your going to receive your purchase and you know can change it if you wish. Plus your money is always safe. Sometimes, when you click on one of our links we receive a small commission from Amazon. This allows us to pay for the reviews, the website and future ideas.

Some of the following reviews may also be in other posts such as “15 Best Yoga Mats For Beginners” but where possible we try to make the posts unique so the description may be slightly different, but it’s the same Mat if that makes sense?

Thanks for your interest and let’s go with the review-

1. Yoga Mad Studio Mat

top 5 travel yoga mats

You may know from our other posts Yoga Mad is probably our favourite Yoga Brand as they are always fairly priced but very classy product. This Studio Mat is no exception. At around £25 it’s not the cheapest but it is long-lasting and very efficient. You can travel with it although you will need a bag or strap (bot included). Its Toxin free eco friendly, slip resistant and machine washable. It’s dimensions are 183 x 80cm x 4.5mm so it’s longer & wider than many other Mats.


  • Light weight 
  • Easily Portable
  • Non Slip
  • Cheapish Price
  • Great Quality
  • Extra long & Wide


Some reviews claim slippy but we have never found that


We definitely recommend so check out the price here on Amazon


2. Manduka Eko Light Travel Mat

Manduka is another Yoga Brand we love. This Mat is totally ideal for a Travel Mat.

It folds neatly enabling you to put into your Yoga Bag or even Shoulder Bag. It’s made from natural Rubber, it’s Eco-Friendly & only 900 grams in weight.

Measures 173 x 61 x 0.2cm when opened up.

Fairly Priced at around £40


  • Light Weight 
  • Folds up so easily Portable
  • Free from PVC & Toxins
  • Durable & Flexible


Not very cushioned as only 0.2cm Thick


Check out the Amazon price here


3. Foldable Travel Mat from IVIM

top 5 travel yoga mats

We love this great little Folding Mat by IVIM. It Folds into a neat size ideal for carrying in a Yoga Bag or suitcase/travel bag. It’s Durable and easy to clean. Once your Yoga’s done, simply fold it up and put it away or in your bag.

Measures 174 x 68cm x 6mm when Extended but only 30 x 25cm when folded, so neat.

Plus, it’s a great price at around £18, a real bonus.

Only 120+ reviews as it’s quite a new product, but all the reviews seem to love it.


  • Foldable to fit bag None
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Durable
  • Non Slip
  • Non Toxic
  • Great Price




Check out the Price and Reviews here at Amazon


4. IUGA Yoga Towel & Hand Towel

Another great item. It’s really designed to be used on top of your Yoga Mat but we have found it’s ideal in it’s own right for everyday Yoga use as long as you don’t need a lot of cushioning as this Towel/Mat is quite thin, like a towel really. At under £20 it’s a decent price also!

Sweat Absorbent and can be washed time and time again. Perfect for travelling Yogi as folds neatly into Bag. Can be used as a beach towel.

Pros Cons

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Absorbent
  • Large Size
  • Easily Portable
  • Corner Pockets
  • Decent Price


Will shrink if you tumble dry and doesn’t mention that on the listing


Check out the price on Amazon Here

5. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

top 5 travel yoga mats

We like this Travel Yoga Mat by Jade Harmony as it’s 5mm thick which is quite good for a Travel Mat. As the coveted 4.5 stars Amazon rating. It’s easily rolled up and fit’s into your Yoga bag easily enough. All the usual Yoga requirements are met here, with Non Slip, absorbent and Eco-friendly attributes to name a few.

Measures 188 x 61 cm x 5mm and available in a variety of colours. Bit pricey at around £65 but very long-lasting so you should definitely get your money’s worth. Top 5 Travel Yoga Mats.


  • Quality Make
  • Very Comfortable
  • Quite Thick 5mm for Travel Mat
  • Non Slip
  • Eco Friendly
  • No Toxins




Check out the Amazon Price here

Just a few Yoga Towel issues to know about.

• Everybody sweats. Even in probably the most mild practice your palms or toes will warmth, create and launch moisture even on the microscopic stage and when involved with a non porous floor, for instance a closed cell yoga mat slip can happen.

• Hand yoga towels are an important towel you possibly can have, particularly once you have no idea how your class or practice goes to go. Possibly it is how you are feeling that day or how the instructor is guiding you or it is a new expertise or class and you’re working additional onerous to comply with, for lots of yogis each class may be totally different and if you’re anticipating the surprising, the hand towel may be the distinction between an ideal class and a category challenged by grip loss.

• Full mat yoga towels are for warm or intense practices. Yoga towels should be damp for the grip to work. They don’t present grip when dry. Which is why we advise you to calmly mist your towel earlier than practice to make sure activating the grip proper from the start.

• All yoga towels have a function that may be totally different from one another. From sizes, to material, to development, to grip on the mat, every one is made to reinforce your practice and help a yogis wants, which may be private and really totally different from the particular person subsequent to you or who rated a product on-line. Understanding your self and the way your physique reacts or the way you prefer to practice can imply totally different towels are most popular by totally different folks.

• Hand yoga towels are probably the most adaptable and vital piece of equipment you possibly can have.

• Full mat yoga towels are for warm or intense practices.

• Yoga towels will also be used as a studio mat topper for elevated hygiene and luxury if you don’t want to convey your personal mat. They’re sensible and light-weight to hold with you and simple to scrub after use with all of your different clothes.

• Lastly – yoga towels present much less grip when dry than a yoga mat. Any yoga mat. So if there isn’t any moisture a dry towel has the potential to supply extra slip than with out. No moisture, no want for a towel.

Recap- Just to remind you what you should be looking for in a Top 5 Travel Yoga Mats.

1. Portability-Can this Mat be carried around with me?

2. Price-Is this Mat a fair price?

3. Durability- How long will it last me?

4. Non Slip- Is this Mat non slip?

5. Absorbent- Is this Mat going to absorb sweat and moisture

6. Toxins- Is this Mat Toxin Free?

7. Thickness- Is this Mat the right thickness for me (If you have Joint problems you may need thicker Mat, probably 5mm or more)

We hope you like our choices. All of these Top 5 Travel Yoga Mats have the coveted 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon, so you know they can be trusted to be of very good standard indeed. We have tested all mats ourselves so WE know they are the best Travel Mats on Amazon right now, If we find new mats on Amazon that are better, we will test them, then review them here for you all to see. Good luck with your Yoga Journey!